KEM DA-650 bench top mains operated density meter

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The DA-650 Density Meter is the result of 3 decades of experience in manufacturing Digital Density Meters and the market experience gained in close cooperation with our customers. It combines the most recent measuring technology with an intuitive user interface in a robust housing.

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Technical Specifications

Measuring principle Oscillating u-tube
Minimum sample amount approx. 1.2 mL with syringe | approx. 2 mL with pump
Supported measuring units Density, Specific Gravity,
User defined unit such as Baumé, Twaddle, Milk Degrees, etc.
Measuring range Density [g/cm³] 0.000000 … 3.000000
Temperature range [°C] [°F] 0.00 … 96.00
32.0 … 204.8
Limit of error 1) Density [g/cm³] Temperature [°C] Temperature [°F] ±0.00002
Repeatability 1) Density [g/cm³] 0.000005
Viscosity correction yes 2)
Display 5.7 inch color TFT LCD; VGA (640×480)
Display contents Density, specific gravity, oscillation frequency, temperature,
concentration and other messages
  1. Manual by syringe
  2. Automatic by built-in peristaltic pump
Methods Stores up to 100 methods including measurement parameters,
density auto correction, concentration conversion, etc.
Stability Four stability modes to shorten the time required for measurement by extrapolation
Temperature compensation
  1. By product specific temperature conversion tables or formulas
  2. By preprogrammed conversion tables for petroleum, petroleum products or lubricants according to ASTM
Automatic conversions
  1. Between density and concentration
  2. Conversion of the density to a reference temperature
Statistic reevaluations
  1. Automatic or manual calculation of mean value and standard deviation
  2. Recalculation of stored results
Interfaces LAN (x1) for personal computer
USB 1.1 (x2) for USB memory stick, keyboard, barcode reader, Epson inkjet printer, thermal printer
RS-232C (x2) for dot matrix printer, Auto Clean and Sampling Unit, external measuring cell, sample changer
Data I/O
  1. USB memory stick (flash drive)
  2. Application notes supplied on USB memory stick
Ambient conditions Temperature
5 … 35 °C
85% RH max. (no condensation)
Wetted materials PTFE, borosilicate glass, SUS304
Power supply DC 24V 5A (Main Unit)
AC 100 … 240 V | 50/60 Hz (comes with AC adapter)
Power consumption 40 W (max. 120 W, min 20 W)
Dimensions 320 (W) x 382 (D) x 272 (H) mm | 12.6 (W) x 14.3 (D) x 10.7 (H) inches
Weight 18 kg | 39.7 lbs
1) according to KEM’s standard measuring conditions
2) as well available without viscosity correction, model DA-650B

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