RV 10 digital pro V double Complete

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The RV 10 digital pro V double Complete package is the complete solution for your rotary evaporator setup with two rotary evaporators.

In addition to the two RV 10 digital V rotary evaporators, incl. HB digital heating bath and a highly efficient vertical glass condenser set with 1L receiver and evaporator flask, the package includes the VACSTAR digital vacuum pump, two VC 10 pro vacuum controllers and the RC 2 GREEN basic recirculating chiller. All components and connections required for operation are included.

RV 10 digital is a robust and reliable lab companion. Its optimized bath volume allows for fast heat-up times. The condenser unit has special designed glass tubes that utilize the 1600 cm² surface extremely efficient. That’s why the RV 10 digital delivers reliable and reproducible process results that are usually reserved for more costly systems. Additional features such as smooth start, left-right interval or timer function capability support the user in their daily lab work. Another important aspect of the RV 10 digital are the sophisticated safety features. The motorized lift has an automated lift-out function in case of power outage to prevent superheating of the solvent. Safety temperature circuits can be set individually. Dry-run protection, adjustable lower end stop and lock function of bath setting complete the line of safety features. The RS 232 interface allows for remote control via the software labworldsoft®. The heating bath is controlled from the main unit via the IR interface.

The included VACSTAR digital vacuum pump is extremely space-saving and achieves a minimum vacuum of 2 mbar. One vacuum source is sufficient to supply both rotary evaporators. Controlling is done with the help of the two included vacuum controllers VC 10 pro.

The powerful and at the same time energy-efficient RC 2 GREEN basic recirculating chiller is suitable for cooling tasks down to -30 °C. The demand- and speed-controlled compressor, which is operated with natural refrigerant R290, achieves a cooling capacity of 800 W with minimum energy input.

By registering your devices online at www.ika.com/register, you can extend the warranty of your products free of charge. For rotary evaporators and heating baths, the standard warranty is two years, plus three additional years after registration (2+3). For peripheral devices included in the package (vacuum pump and chiller), the additional warranty is one year (2+1).

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