RV 10 auto pro FLEX

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The completely revised RV 10 auto is the flagship of the IKA rotatary evaporator product line. Its features include an innovative handling concept with a bright, high-contrast, TFT, color-graphic control panel, an integrated vacuum controller, cooling water monitoring and mature safety standards. The RV 10 auto offer all properties required for efficient, safe, and cost-effective operations. These include automatic control of the vacuum and cooling water volume. Its intuitive handling concept quickly leads its users to their desired results in every application. Thanks to its extended ramp programming capability, the RV 10 auto allows users to carry out customized procedures. Other innovative features, such as smooth start, interval mode, right-left operation in interval mode, or the timer function for time-lapse tests, make everyday work in the laboratory much easier. Safety is ensured by the motorized lift with safety-stop function that automatically lifts the evaporation flask out of the heating bath in the case of power failure. Additional safety for users is provided by individually adjustable temperature safety circuits, protection against boiling dry, adjustable end-point recognition to prevent glass breakage, and a locking function. The receiving flask and the condenser are also available in coated versions. The USB port or the RS-232 interface enable remote control with the IKA “labworldsoft” software package and an update option with the firmware update tool. The device comes complete with vacuum hoses and hose connectors for your in-house cooling water supply. The new IKA Vacstar digital included in the package is controlled directly from the drive unit of the RV 10 auto via the data cable provided.

– 4-liter heating bath
– automatic boiling point detection
– integrated vacuum controller
– integrated solvent library with 40 preset solvents and expansion option
– bright, high-contrast, TFT, color-graphic control panel
– universal safety heating bath
– optimized heating bath volume for rapid achievement of working temperature
– heating bath with ergonomic handles
– temperature safety circuit
– boil-dry protection
– coated or uncoated glassware available as accessories
– intuitive handling concept with simple menu navigation
– programming option for up to ten individual procedures
– smooth start
– right or left rotation
– timer function
– end-point recognition
– push-off mechanism for tightly-fitting flasks
– digital interfaces: USB port and RS-232 interface for remote control
– multi-language operating system
– automatic cooling water management
– automatic ventilation
– automatic heating bath management

By registering your devices online at www.ika.com/register, you can extend the warranty of your products free of charge. For rotary evaporators and heating baths, the standard warranty is two years, plus three additional years after registration (2+3). For peripheral devices included in the package (vacuum pump and chiller), the additional warranty is one year (2+1).

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