Rocker Alligator 200, Diaphragm Liquid Pump (181200-02)

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A novel new design from Rocker, creating a diaphragm liquid pump that drains waste fluid away.  This pump:

  • Saves time and bench space
  • Complies with ISO 8199
  • Creates no air pollution
  • Is highly efficient
  • Is Perfect for microbiology labs
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Diaphragm Liquid Pump Features :

Save time
Alligator 200 built in a liquid diaphragm pump that transfers the filtered liquid directly to waste. It saves time by simplifying filtration process.

Save 40% bench space
Alligator 200 does not need any waste bottle that is necessary for traditional air pump. Saving working space by getting rid of tubing and waste bottle.

Compliance with ISO 8199
Alligator 200 complies with ISO 8199 regulation and ideal for microbiological sample filtration. (*ISO 8199: Water quality – General guidance for microbiological examination by culture)

No air pollution, high efficiency
Alligator 200 is driven by diaphragm with no oil pollution. Built-in 60W brushless DC motor offers a stable flow rate and prolongs the life of pump.

Diaphragm Liquid Pump International certificates :

  • CE certification
  • IP 64 protection
  • RoHS certification

Diaphragm Liquid Pump Applications :

  • Microbiological test by MF Technique
  • Suspended solid test for water monitoring
  • General filtration without collecting filtrate

Diaphragm Liquid Pump Ordering Information :

Product Part Number Product

  • 181200-02 Alligator 200, Diaphragm Liquid Pump AC220V, 50Hz EU Plug