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  • Elga Vision 250 deionisers starter kit

Elga Vision 250 deionisers starter kit

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Elga Vision 250 deionisers

A compact wall mounted deioniser which uses disposable cartridges with colour change exhaustion windows. Neither battery or mains electricity supply is required. Two rejection points are indicated, allowing the most suitable quality to be selected for each application. When the cartridge is used up a new cartridge can be fitted in seconds.

Severn Sales has replacement cartridges for the 250 deioniser always in stock.

-High purity water at the turn of a tap
-Economical and simple to install
-Disposable cartridges
-Flow rate up to 60 litres/hour
-Colour change window indicates two resin exhaustion levels to enable users to monitor capacity status and cartridge replacement requirements
-Optional 6 meter coiled delivery line trigger applicator can be connected to either system

See PDF for specifications

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