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  • Grant LT Ecocool 100 Refrigerated/heating circulating baths

Grant LT Ecocool 100 Refrigerated/heating circulating baths

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Refrigerated/heating circulating baths

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A new range of innovative, eco-friendly, refrigerated heating circulating baths offering significant running cost savings whilst delivering powerful cooling.

Consisting of two models, all products in the LT ecocool range are supplied assembled as ready to use kits, complete with accessory hosing, clips and connectors as standard.

  • Choice of two models, temperature range -25°C to 150°C (model dependent)
  • Industry leading 4 year warranty with Grant renowned service and support, no registration required
  • Active cooling through the whole temperature range
  • True energy saving of up to 80% against standard compressor units
  • Built in Britain to the highest specifications
  • Thermostat and chiller work in harmony, neither will operate alone, eliminating any danger of overheating or freezing
  • Single front switch for user convenience
  • Modern, sleek, attractive design


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