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  • Vortex 3 Orbital Shaker

Vortex 3 Orbital Shaker

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Vortex shaker suitable for short-time operation (touch function), activated by pressing shaker attachment or continuous operation.

  • Wide speed range, infinitely adjustable
  • Different applications thanks to 3 interchangeable attachments and 7 inserts (e.g. Eppendorf tubes, microtiter plates, Erlenmeyer flasks 250 ml etc.), please order separately
  • Attachments securely click onto appliance in any position
  • Special strap (VG 3.36, page 51) ensures easy handling of round/Erlenmeyer flasks
  • Sturdy metal zinc die cast casing
  • Compact design
  • Short-time operation activated by pressing attachment (touch function)
  • Stable at high speeds thanks to special feet (silicon base with ultra high vibration damping)
  • Eccentric with ball bearings
  • Suitable for continuous operation with low self heating thanks to self ventilation of motor

Shaking movement: orbital
Orbital diameter: 4 mm
Infinitely adjustable speed range: 500 – 2.500 rpm

Scope of delivery

  • VORTEX 3
  • VG 3.1 Standard attachment

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