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Lamy RM200 CP4000 PLUS Rheometer

£10,090.00 ex.VAT

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Product Overview

The motorized lift of the RM200 CP4000 PLUS allows a fast and repeatable installation of cone and plate measuring systems guaranteeing reliable rheological measurements whatever your application.

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Type of instrument         Rotating springless rheometer with imposed speeds and 7’’ Touch screen

Rotation speeds               Unlimited number of speeds between 0.3 and 1500 rpm

Torque range                     From 0.05 to 30 mNm

Temperature                     Temperature range from – 20°C to + 300 °C (according to models)

Accuracy                              +/- 1 % of the full scale

Repeatability                     +/- 0,2 %

Display                                  Viscosity – Speed – Torque – Time –Temperature – Choice of viscosity units: cP/Poises or mPa.s / Pa.s – Shear rate

Security and confidentiality

An “operator” function allows you to enter a username for your instrument. This user must then be identified using a 4-digit code. There is also a protected mode that locks your measurement conditions.

Language                             French/English/Russian/Spanish

Compatible measuring system   MS CP

Supply voltage                  90-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Analog output                   4 – 20 mA

PC connections                 Port RS232 and USB

Printer connection          USB Host Port – Compatible        PCL/5

What benefits are there for you?

Save your flow curves and calculate your rheological parameters directly without computer (Plastic viscosity, flow limit, Thixotropy, Regression models according to Newton, Bingham, Casson and Ostwald) . Choose your attachment system tailored to your product constraints.

Option                                  Software (PN 311002)

Dimensions and weight

  • Head: L180 x W135 x H250 mm
  • CP 4000 : D610 x W340 x H650 mm
  • Weight: 22 kg


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