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  • Greaves EGM laboratory mixer B – 60mm dia. emulsifier head

Greaves EGM laboratory mixer B – 60mm dia. emulsifier head

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Product Overview

These laboratory mixer types follow the same principles as their full scale counterparts. The combination of high speed and close rotor / stator tolerance creates a high energy zone where liquid / liquid and liquid / powder mixtures are rapidly homogenised.

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Advanced E.G.M. laboratory mixers

-60mm or 75mm, stirrer or emulsifier head
-High torque electronic variable speed controller
-AC 190 watt motor mounted in a stainless steel housing with integrally mounted control panel
-Built in reversing switch, which offers a cavitational mixing feature
-Free standing stainless steel base plate
-Safety circuits preventing the operator raising or lowering the mixer during the mixing process.
-Option of a built-in 1250 watt thermostatic heating plate, 50-320oC
-Electrical raise and lower control
-Adjustable timed mixing cycle
-Digital speed indicator

EGM,(B) – 60mm GP stirrer head
EGM,(C) – 70mm GP stirrer head
EGM,(B) – 60mm emulsifier head
EGM,(C) – 75mm emulsifier head

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