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  • Retsch AS 200 premium sieve shaker

Retsch AS 200 premium sieve shaker

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Retsch AS 200 sieve shaker


Measuring range 20 mm to 25mm
Height of sieve stack up to 450 mm, Ø100/150/200/203 mm
Indication of sieve base acceleration and vibration height
Available in 3 different models, basic, digit and control
Choice of 3 lid clamping devices

AS 200 basic sieve shaker (analogue controls)
AS 200 digit sieve shaker (digital time display, interval operation)
AS 200 control sieve shaker (micro proccessor control)

Sieve clamping device options
Economy clamping device
Standard clamping device
Comfort clamping device for speed and ease of use

See PDF for specifications

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