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  • Chemker 611, Chemical Resistant Vacuum Pump, AC220V

Chemker 611, Chemical Resistant Vacuum Pump, AC220V

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Product Overview

Ideal for:

Rotary evaporator
Vacuum drying / oven / defoaming
Solvent purification
Vacuum filtration

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High chemical resistance
All wet parts of Chemker series pump are made of PTFE material which can resist most corrosive gases.

Start against vacuum
Chemker 600 series pumps are designed to start against a vacuum and are ideal for various kinds of laboratory instruments which need to stop and restart pumping repeatedly during the operating process.

No air pollution and  maintenance free
Chemker series pumps are driven by a diaphragm, without the need of lubricants, regular oil changes or maintenance; with no oil pollution.

Quiet and low vibration
Driven by a motor with no additional belt-driven transmission, the quality, vibration-proof assembly makes Chemker series run at the lowest noise level compared with all other equivalent pumps.

Thermal protection device
Chemker pumps have a built-in thermal protection device to shut off the pump as soon as it overheats, and to resume once the temperature returns to normal

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  • 169611-22 Chemker 611, Chemical Resistant Vacuum Pump, AC220V, 50Hz
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