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  • WaterVac 100 Vacuum Filtration System

WaterVac 100 Vacuum Filtration System

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Product Overview

The WaterVac 100 is an unique vacuum filtration system which can generate sufficient vacuum for filtration through built-in air/water pump and drain the waste liquid directly

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WaterVac 100 vacuum filtration system

Features :

  • Save Space
    No need of suction flask and waste bottle saving much bench space
  • Save Time
    No need of taking time to empty waste bottle
  • Easy Operation

Simply put on membrane on filter holder and push on/off button to start filtration easily.

WaterVac 100 Vacuum filtration system with Magnetic Filter Holder

  • Safety
    No worry about waste liquid being sucked into pump


  • Versatile
    Replaceable funnel base design makes it compatible with various kinds of filter holder

How to select the WaterVac 100 system :
WaterVac 100 Vacuum filtration system with Magnetic Filter Holder

  • MF Technique for analyzing aqueous-based fluids for microbial contamination.
  • Suspended Solid test for municipal, surface, ground and drinking water.
  • General filtration which no need to collect filtrate

International safety certification

  • CE certification

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