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Suction Filtration systems

  • Rocker Lafil 100 Portable Suction System

Rocker Lafil 100 Portable Suction System

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Product Overview

A dual-function system for suction and filtration

The innovative dual-function design allows you to suck solutions from microplates and supernatants after centrifuging and to purify media from the cell culture using disposable funnels in just one system.

Ideal for operation in laminar flow

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All in One, space-saving
Lafil 100 series suction system integrates vacuum sources, waste bottle and suction kit into a system. Saves 65% bench space.


Ideal for operation in laminar flow
The compact size of Lafil 100 series suction system allows for work in laminar flow. Anti-UV cloth cover is optional.

Safe and convenient
(1) Fence-like platform design prevents negligence from tipping over the waste bottle.
(2) Syringe filter prevents liquid from overflowing when bottle is full.
(3) Storage rack provides a smart solution for suction adaptors accommodation.h cover is optional.

All supplied fittings are made of POM material available for autoclave.

Portable Suction System International certificate:
CE certification

Portable Suction System Applications :

  • Cell culture aspiration
  • Laboratory waste suction

Ordering Information :

  • 197100-02 Lafil 100, Portable Suction System with 1L PP waste bottle, AC100-240V adaptor, EU plug
  • 197100-10 1000 ml PP vacuum bottle
  • 197000-60-500 500 ml glass bottle with GL45 suction cap
  • 197100-48 Anti-UV Cloth Cover
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