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Solvent Filtration

  • Rocker VF15 Glass Filtration Set

Rocker VF15 Glass Filtration Set

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Product Overview

Glass filtration set ideal for solvent purification and general filtration for microbiology, suspended solid analysis etc.

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Features :

  • Save Time:
    VF 15 can filtrate and store solution directly in GL45 storage bottle without the need of being transferred from the filtering flask.
  • Suitable for GL45 storage bottle:
    Unique filtration adaptor design can connect with GL45 storage bottle (1000ml, 2000ml, 5000ml…etc.)
  • Competitive Price:
    The whole set is offered at a more competitive price than common filtration set with filtering flask.
  • Patent, No.M508321
    Filtration Adaptor has been awarded a patent, No.M508321

Complete Set Include :

  • 1000ml Glass filter holder
  • Silicon stopper (No.8)
  • Filtration Adaptor for GL45 bottle
  • 5000ml Storage Bottle

Applications :
Ideal for the purification of organic, corrosive liquid such as solvent (mobile phase) for HPLC analysis.

Ordering Information :

  • 167200-15    VF15 Glass Filtration Set
  • 167120-37    1000ml Glass filter holder (include 1-5)
  • 197000-65    Filtration adaptor for GL45 bottle
  • 197000-55    5000ml Glass storage bottle

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