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Multi-Branch Manifold Systems

  • Rocker MultiVac 600 MB 6 place filtration manifolds

Rocker MultiVac 600 MB 6 place filtration manifolds

£1,639.33 £1,475.40 ex.VAT

Product Overview


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Features :

  • Quick-assembly and disassembly
    Each component can be removed easily by hand for cleaning and autoclaving to prevent biofilms and eliminates sources
    of contamination.
  • Convertible funnel adaptor
    Convertible funnel adaptor design allows user to fit their desired funnel (reusable or disposable) easily.
  • Innovative vent valve design
    An adjustable vent valve integrated with the pipe can eliminate water hammer phenomenon and help drain out
    residual waste water.

Innovative vent valve design

  • Quick-Fit hose barb
    Detachable hose barb can be connected to either side of the manifold quickly towards the vacuum source.

Quick-Fit hose barb

  • Individual control valve

Each branch permits individual control.

  • Compatible to different sizes of funnels
    MultiVac 300-MB / 600-MB manifolds are available to 100, 300, 500ml funnel at option.


Applications :

  • Filtration for microbiology test
  • Chemical experiment
  • General laboratory filtration

Ordering Information :

  • 180600-02 MultiVac 600-MB, 6-Places Stainless Steel Manifold

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