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Multi-Branch Manifold Systems

  • MultiVac 610-MS-T, Vacuum Filtration System

MultiVac 610-MS-T, Vacuum Filtration System

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Product Overview

Rocker MultiVac 600 MS 6 place S/S manifold with no 8 stopper funnel adaptor

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  • For large number samples
    MultiVac 610-MS-T is an economical model for large sample filtration. It includes vacuum pump, manifold, waste bottle and magnetic filter holders.
  • Light and handy aluminum design
    All parts of the manifold are made of aluminum which is light, cost-effective and autoclavable. Each component can be easily removed for cleaning and autoclaving.
  • Magnetic filter holder is included
    Magnetic filter holder allows for one-handed operation, and can prevent the membrane from being twisted or torn.
  • 4000 ml PP vacuum bottle with drain
    The large capacity of 4000 ml vacuum bottle with drain offers convenience of collecting and draining waste solution.

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  • 180611-22-T MultiVac610-MS-T, Vacuum Filtration System, AC220V, 50Hz

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