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Solvent Filtration

  • Rocker VF8 Glass Filtration Set

Rocker VF8 Glass Filtration Set

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Product Overview

Glass filtration set ideal for solvent purification and general filtration for microbiology, suspended solid analysis etc.

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Applications :
Ideal for small volume vacuum filtration for biological analysis or particulate contamination analysis.

Complete Set Include :

  • 15 ml Glass filter holder (with Stainless Steel Support Screen)
  • Silicone stopper (No.5)
  • 125 ml Receiver flask

Ordering Information :

  • 167200-08?VF8, 25mm Glass Microanalysis Filtration Apparatus
  • 167120-34?15 ml Glass filter holder (include 1-5)
  • 167250-05?Receiver flask, 125 ml

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