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  • Esco Airstream® Gen 3 Class II BSC- E Series 0.6m

Esco Airstream® Gen 3 Class II BSC- E Series 0.6m

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Product Overview

The Esco Airstream® Gen 3 Class II Biological Safety Cabinet (AC2) is an effective solution in providing operator, product and environmental protection. It also features stable and self-compensating airflow, despite building voltage fluctuations & filter loading. Certified to EN 12469, Esco Airstream® Class II Biological Safety Cabinet also has antimicrobial coating on all its external and internal painted surfaces for improved safety.

The AC2- E series has tempered glass sidewalls that increases visibility and prevents the operator from experiencing a “boxed-in” feeling. This unit is also equipped with multi-piece, autoclavable work tray for easy cleaning process.

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Sentinel™ Gold Microprocessor Control system

  • Has audible and visual alarms
  • Displays all safety information on one screen
  • Centered and angled down for easy reach & viewing
  • Selectable Quickstart mode for fast operation

DC-ECM Blower

  • Energy-efficient with 70% energy savings compared to AC motor
  • Single blower for inflow and downflow, energy-efficient and cost-effective.

ULPA Filter

  • 10 x filtration efficiency compared to HEPA filter
  • 99.999% at 0.1 to 0.3 micron, ULPA as per IEST-RP-CC001.3 USA or >99.999% at MPPS, H14 as per EN 1822 EU

Cabinet construction

  • Tempered Glass Side walls – increases visibility and prevents the operator from experiencing a “boxed-in” feeling
    Multi-piece work tray, autoclavable

Ergonomic features

  • Angled front improves reach and comfort, reduces glare.
    Frameless, shatterproof sash is easier to clean, offers larger, unobstructed viewing area.

Isocide™ Antimicrobial Powder Coating

  • Eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria within 24 hours of exposure

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2010718 AC2-2E8 Airstream® Class II, Biological Safety Cabinet (E-Series), 2ft/0.6m,

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