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  • Steroglass Strike 300 rotary evaporator with inclined plastic coated glassware

Steroglass Strike 300 rotary evaporator with inclined plastic coated glassware

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State-of-the-art safety rotary evaporator with an LCD interface

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ROTARY EVAPORATOR INNOVATIONS: The following are the technical innovations applied to the construction of the STRIKE 300 Rotary Evaporator making it a fast, working, efficient, safe and maintenance free instrument.
DESIGN: Compact and modern. All controls are placed on the central column to guarantee user-friendly and handly use.
CONTROL PANEL: The touch screen is wide and easy to read. The microprocessor is multi-programmable and GLP compliant.
FLASK ASSEMBLY: System used to assemble the evaporation flask. The evaporation flask is screwed onto the steam passing pipe to ensure easy assembly and dismounting operations as well as a perfect seal. (You may also use conventional unthreaded cone flasks and spring-clamps to mount the flasks).
SEALING SYSTEM: The exclusive STEROGLASS sealing system allows a perfect vacuum-tight anti-corrosion seal without gaskets or other materials that can be damaged by solvent contact. This sealing system is a standard feature in all strike models and can be used with all types of glassware.
SAFETY SHIELD: The shield is standard for all models. It can be removed by the operator and fitted beside the instrument.

-Removable safety shield
-Glassware lifting made possible with or without protective shield
-Maintenance-free PTFE and carbon graphite seals
-Powered glassware lifting equipment with safety release (in case of power failure)
-3,5″ monochromatic LCD touch screen
-Quick Start/Stop control and parameter selector
-Rodavis evaporation flask connection system
-Removable thermostatic bath, PTFE coated
-GLP-compliant instrument (with USB interface)
-Optional fume temperature probe
-Optional vacuum controller
-Rotation speed from 20 to 280 rpm (150W induction motor)
-Thermostatic bath ambient temperature: 185°C (2 possible settings: water and oil)
-Bath heater: 1200W
-Bath capacity: 5 liters
-Bath material: PTFE coated
-Removable bath for emptying
-Models available with vertical or slanting, standard or plastic-coated glassware
-Evaporating flasks: 1000ml (optional 50 to 3000ml)
-Collecting flasks 1000ml: (optional 250 to 2000ml)
-Overall dimensions: 690x700x430mm (vertical version)
-Weight:26,5 Kg (vertical version)
-Overall dimensions: 690x790x430mm (slanting version)
-Weight:26 Kg (slanting version)
-Voltage: 230 V AC, 50Hz
-Power consumption: 1400W

-3.5″ LCD graphic display touch screen (320 x 240 pixel)
-START/STOP control and quick basic parameter selection
-Real-time display of all basic operating parameters (bath temperature, rotation speed), vacuum level and fume temperature (if optional probe and vacuum controller are present)
-Real-time display of working method
-Method saving and retrieving (up to 10 methods)
-Possibility to operate according to fume temperature (if optional probe is present)
-Possibility to create manual and automatic ramps according to time, by differentiating all working parameters (if vacuum controller is present)
-Possibility to download working method to PC through USB port and retrieve it at any time
-USB updatable multi-language software.

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