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  • Falc Autoclave ATV850

Falc Autoclave ATV850

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With an impressive 40cm chamber, this autoclave has more than enough room for all your sterilising needs.

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In addition, the microcomputer control system not only allows you to control the entire sterilisation process, but also allows for easy maintenance, investigation, calibration and registration. It also offers complete drying in accordance with CE regulations. It is possible to set different door locking temperatures to protect the user against burns.

Sterilisation temperature: 105-138 ° C

Capacity               85

Power   220V/50Hz

Weight 113 Kg

Dimension          660x644x980

Max Power         4600 W

Chamber material            SUS304

Chamber Dimension (Dia*H, mm)            ? 400×700

Sterilization temperature             105-138°C

Range of sterilization time           1-300 minutes

Melting temperature     60-100°C

Range of melting time   1-9999 minutes

Warming temperature  45-60°C

Preset range of drying time         1-300 minutes

Exhausting mode             Fully automatic internal discharging Embedded with a steam trapping bottle

Way of opening lid          flip type

Preset range of timer     0 minute – 6 days delayed

Rated working pressure                0.27 MPa

Controller            “inspiration” fast-speed microcomputer intelligent control system

Safety device     Eight-column evenly distributed” interlocking device, electric double inner locks, dry scorch protection, over pressure protection, safety valve, over temperature protection, over current and shortcircuit protection, leakage protection, cooling lock, anti-scald chamber coverand bench, automatic troubleshooting.

Accessories        Drainage hose, water plate, exhaust bottle, Two stainless steel baskets. Stainless steel pail, printer, cooling fan, Article thermometer optional

Rated power      4600

Preset range of cooling lock OPEN temperature 40-99°C for solid and agar modes and 40-80°C for liquid and waste modes

Preset temperature of chamber lid opening        Presettable

Other accessories            Stainless steel pail, printer, cooling fan, Article thermometer optional .

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