Filter Safety Cabinets

Filter Safety Cabinets

A Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) also known as biosafety cabinet is considered a primary barrier and personal protective equipment. A BSC is used to protect operators from biological hazards while providing a sterile environment for the samples. This containment device has 3 classes depending on the application, types of biological samples and Biosafety levels.

A Ducted Fume Hood is a type of ventilation system that primarily functions to provide personnel protection against toxic fumes, vapors, and dust. This containment device is connected to a ducting where contaminants pass before being exhausted into the environment. Its secondary function includes protection against chemical spills, runaway reactions, and fires by acting as a physical barrier.

Ductless Fume Hood is a viable alternative to conventional fume hoods. This type of fume hood utilizes carbon or HEPA filtration to protect laboratory personnel from toxic chemical fumes, odors, and particles. Known for its plug-and-play feature and mobility, Ductless Fume Hood guarantees a hassle-free installation and no lab work interruption.

A laminar flow cabinet keeps a controlled work surface for applications requiring a sterile work space whereas contaminant access is being prevented by a constant filtered airflow across the surface.

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