Lamy Training in Lyon

Lamy Training in Lyon

21 Nov 2017

In October the Severn Sales team (Candice and Joe) went to Lyon to complete a two-day intensive training course for Lamy rheology products and understand more about the products available for our customers. The first day focussed on the theory of rheology and how each of the components in a viscometer worked and what systems would be suitable for each industry before we were whisked off for a fantastic lunch at a local fish restaurant. After a lovely lunch and getting to know the other distributors and Lamy staff we went back to Lamy headquarters to have some hands-on training with the viscometers available learning about the unique selling points and how the different systems work with different liquids. An eye-opening experience! After a hard day’s work, we were then treated to an evening dinner aboard the Lyon city boat, taking in all of the sights around the city of Lyon whilst enjoying an amazing four-course meal.

The second day focussed on rheometers and the viscometer solutions for larger scale industrial applications. After a morning of theory work and familiarising ourselves with the products we were taken for another fantastic lunch at Brasserie L’Ouest. After we had finished the three-course lunch we went back to Lamy headquarters for hands-on training with the rheometer and texture analyser before learning how to service the equipment. The training has been an invaluable resource to the sales team who are now equipped to deal with any rheology based enquiries and help our customers find the most appropriate product.

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