British Antarctic Survey

British Antarctic Survey

06 May 2017

Severn Sales recently helped Jennifer Freer with all her filtration equipment needs for her voyage to the Antarctic.

“I have just returned from a six week research voyage on the RRS James Clark Ross to the Antarctic. This cruise is undertaken each year by the British Antarctic Survey and aims to assess the status of the marine ecosystem in the region of South Georgia. Find out more about BAS research at The cruise was very successful and we spotted many penguins, seals, albatross and even a pod of killer whales. See more from the cruise at

My job on board was to collect and filter water from several depths between 0 and 1000m deep. Severn Sales provided me with all the filtration equipment necessary, including the Rocker Lafil filtration system which worked faultlessly despite Southern Ocean conditions! This data will be used as part of my PhD on deep sea fish ecology at the University of Bristol.”



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