About Refurbished Equipment

You can be confident when buying refurbished laboratory equipment from Severn Sales

On our New Equipment page, we explain how you can add to your capital budget for new equipment, and free up storage space, by selling equipment that you no longer use, to Severn Sales.

So of course, you might also be able to save money by purchasing some pre-owned kit that is perfect for your needs.

We are renowned in the scientific laboratory market for selling used equipment and have a constantly changing stock inventory.

You gain peace of mind thanks to three months? guarantee on all refurbished laboratory equipment. Where possible, we will also provide you with the original manufacturer?s instruction book. Our inventory includes laboratory balances, centrifuges, pumps, ovens, incubators, microscopes, shakers, stirrers, viscometers, waterbaths and much more.

We test each item for function, cleanliness and electrical safety before we carefully package it, to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. We include a quality control slip for you to keep for your records, showing the details of the tests completed on your laboratory equipment.

Stretch your budget. When you opt for high quality refurbished equipment wherever possible, you will leave more finance available for when it has to be the very best of new.

Help the environment. By choosing to use refurbished equipment, you are doing your bit to help the environment. The huge amounts of energy used in manufacturing can be reduced by using an instrument for a few years more.

If you can?t find what you need in our refurbished inventory, please ask us. We can often source it, but if not in most cases we will offer a very reasonably priced new alternative.

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