Company Mission

Our mission is to support scientists and laboratory staff in their work, helping them to be more productive and making life easier for them, and to provide money each month for charitable use.

Company Vision

Our vision is to be a positive, expert influence supporting mankind’s progress in science.  We engender a team spirit to make Severn Sales an inspiring place, for members of staff, customers, suppliers and everyone with whom we come into contact. We work tirelessly to support our chosen charity and make regular monthly donations.

Company Values

Excellence:Uncompromising mission to provide excellence at every level

Knowledge Sharing:We mutually discuss, collaborate, listen and share information

Responsibility:Responsible for our client, our staff and the environment

Passion:Unequalled passion and enthusiasm for advancement

Trust:To instil trust into employees, affiliated partners and clients alike

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“Thanks for the dependable service.”

David Bradbury, Brixham, Devon